My IBMi Utilities

Over the years (decades), I have written a fair few little utility programs, which I plan to collect and make available in a Git Repository.

This repository contains a Rational Developer for i iProject.

iProjects store each source file/member in a PC folder/file. Metadata is stored in a corresponding folder/file under an “.ibm” folder.

If you’re using RDi, you can import everything using the EGit plug-in. If not you can use Git to download to the PC or browse/download from the repository web site and copy the source to your source member using any method you please.

This will be a work in progress as I work on other projects. When I find I need another one of my old utilities, I’ll tidy it up and put it here.

The repository includes…

  • A couple of handy includes to fully define the PSDS.
  • a service program that has a wrapper for QCMDEXC and a String-Splitting function.
  • To commands (PSHLIBL and POPLIBL) for saving/restoring library lists to/from a stack in QTEMP.

I’ll add more as I need them for my Sensors Project.

George Alderton